Awning wagon(tent truck) 110/120 cubic meters

Larger semitrailer volume: 110/120 m3 instead of 86-92 m3; Large capacity of Euro pallets: 42 pcs. instead of 34 pieces; Semi-trailer length: 16.5 m instead of 13.6 m

Flatbed trucks

The ability to quickly carry out loading and unloading operations (top, side, back); The ability to transport a large cargo without prior disassembly; Rigid side provides reliable fixation and safety of the cargo during transportation; Carrying capacity, allows loading up to 25 tons; Body length up to 16 m and height up to 3 m, allows transportation of bulky goods

Refrigerated truck

Body length: 13.2-13.6m Body width: 2.4-2.5m Body height: 2.4-2.7m Body volume: 82-86m3 Carrying capacity: 20-25 tons Euro pallet capacity: 33-34 pcs.

Tent Wagon 20 tons

Body length: 12.5-13.6m Body width: 2.45m Body height: 2.5-3m Body volume: 82-100m3 Carrying capacity: 20-24 tons Euro pallet capacity: 33 pcs.

Trawls (low loader semitrailers)

Semi-trailer length: 5-22m Semi-trailer width: 2.5-4.1m Semi-trailer height: 0.95-1.05m Carrying capacity: 20-120 tons

LLC "Navigator - Transcom Siberia" has its own fleet of modern 20-ton road trains - more than 50 units.

Awning trucks

The most popular freight transport in Russia and Europe. Awning trucks are often called tilt trucks or Euro trucks. The dimensions and dimensions of the tilt truck provide the possibility of body curtain and fast loading and unloading of cargo from all sides (top, side, rear), using a truck crane, loader or manipulator.On the steel frame of such trucks (semi-trailers / trailers), a waterproof tarpaulin made of PVC or rubberized tarpaulin, dense, is stretched, which greatly facilitates the loading and unloading of the vehicle from three sides.The use of 20-ton trucks allows delivery much cheaper than by air and faster than by water or rail. At the same time, you can choose the optimal route taking into account weather conditions, the characteristics of the road surface in individual sections and individual aspects. This type of transportation is often used to deliver: lumber, building materials, clothing, bottled water, household appliances, cables, industrial equipment, etc. 

Refrigerated truck

Refrigerated transportation is the process of transporting goods using road transport with a special body, refrigeration equipment designed to maintain the required temperature. This vehicle can maintain a temperature inside the body - from +12 to -20 degrees, while the ambient temperature can be - from -45 to +45 degrees.This type of delivery allows the transportation of various goods over long distances, most often this type of transportation is used when it is necessary to deliver to the destination: Meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, chemical products, medicines, tobacco and alcoholic products, plants, flowers, bakery yeast, confectionery. The delivery of perishable goods is considered one of the specific ones. A refrigerator is used to ensure that food gets on the shelves of supermarkets in a fresh, appropriate form. This mobile refrigerating chamber is used for long-distance and international delivery of goods.

Trawls (low loader semi-trailers)

This is a technique for transporting various goods with a heavy weight and non-standard dimensions. Trawls transport: Non-standard heavy equipment with low independent travel, not suitable for long journeys: caterpillar tractors, combines.

Containers, pipes, special equipment:

trailer, change house, or other oversized heavy object. Low-loader trawls, due to the low loading height of the low-loader platform, are capable of transporting heavy loads in places of passage of vehicles with height restrictions, such as tunnels, bridges, power lines. 

The loading height of the low loader can be varied from 600 to 1000 mm, which makes it possible to carry loads of great heights. 

Depending on the equipment and model, the standard width of the loading platform can be increased using retractable or folding (flag) extensions. Also, on request, you can adjust the length of the platform itself. The design of low-bed platforms with a removable goose allows loading and unloading large-sized equipment on its own, without additional involvement of cranes and other lifting mechanisms.

Awning wagon 110/120 cubic meters

Tilt semi-trailers with a capacity of 110 and 120 cubic meters allow you to transport more cargo at a lower cost. Due to the large volume, an additional 20% of the cargo can be loaded into the awning, depending on weight, shape and quantity), without overpaying for a second car to transport an additional consignment of cargo.

Flatbed trucks

An on-board truck is often used to transport building materials, equipment that is not afraid of atmospheric precipitation. On an open semi-trailer equipped with drop sides, unpretentious loads are transported that are not afraid of environmental factors. Such goods as bricks, concrete products, timber and lumber, construction trailers and cabins, metal, machinery, equipment, etc.