3PL operator (provider) services

The company Navigator-TS also works as per 3PL operator - it is a modern and convenient solution for the delivery of goods.

Recently, many Russian clients have become convinced of the expediency of transferring logistics operations to a 3PL operator. The "3PL" concept includes a wide range of services for the transportation of goods, customs clearance and the establishment of a regular delivery system. First of all, this is an organization that delivers goods directly to the end consumer. Using these services, the client saves significant money and gets the opportunity to effectively use his own time resource.

3PL operator works differently than a conventional transport and logistics company. Firstly, 3PL logistics assumes that the carrier takes full financial responsibility for the delivery of the cargo. Secondly, all issues related to the registration of customs and tax documents are also assigned to the transport company. Finally, the 3PL operator is obliged to monitor the regular delivery of cargo for a specific consumer. In other words, the client performs only a supervisory function, while the logistics company is continuously engaged in business.

Thus, using the services of a 3PL operator allows the client to completely get rid of the transport and logistics department and reduce the volume of office work within his company. At the same time, the logistics company is obliged at any time to provide the client with full reporting on the delivery process of the cargo, on the condition of the stored cargo in warehouses, on the performance of customs services, etc.

The warehouse terminal of Navigator-TS LLC is equipped with modern loading and unloading equipment.

3PL operator (provider) services

The software of the "WMS Logistics - Warehouse Management" format allows performing any operations with the cargo, keeping up-to-date accounting of goods in the context of various analytical characteristics - expiration dates, batches, serial numbers, quality of goods or their storage status. The system has integration with barcode readers - data collection terminals, and RFID tags, with warehouse equipment.

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