Customs clearance of goods

In Russia, our company can offer its clients a full range of customs services, we have many years of experience in this area.

 Customs clearance is possible both with the client's seal and the broker's seal.

We are ready to release all goods, except for excise goods.One of the main problems faced by foreign trade participants is customs value adjustment (CCC). Our clients know that, if necessary, the company will defend their interests and, if necessary, in court.

Customs clearance of goods

The Navigator-TS company can register your company at customs, check the documents for customs clearance, select the TN VED code, calculate the amount of customs duties and payments, minimize the risks associated with CCC.

For customs clearance in Europe, we have customs agencies: in Germany, near Berlin, and in Poland, Biała Podlaska. Processing of transit documents does not take much time, the car is processed within an hour, and therefore, the delivery time of our cars is shorter than that of our competitors.

Our clients are confident in the correctly executed TIR and CMR documents: the documents will be promptly sent to them for review and for submitting a preliminary declaration.

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