Trucking in Russia

Trucking in Russia Long-distance trucking is not an easy task. Logisticians have to take into account difficult weather conditions, road conditions, lack of organized parking lots for trucks and many other unfavorable factors. Only their competent accounting makes it possible to deliver goods and materials on time specified in the contract.

The Navigator company has offices in many cities of the country. In the course of work, we successfully cooperate with various enterprises, offering them ready-made industry solutions. We have at our disposal a staff of professional logisticians and all the possibilities to implement the most complex working algorithms. Having many years of experience in road transport in Russia and abroad, having our own fleet of vehicles, we offer our customers not only delivery of goods from one point to another, but also complex transportation schemes. We provide additional loading on the route and distribution of goods to several addresses upon arrival at the destination.

The advantages of cooperation with us are:

  • a large fleet of our own vehicles;
  • many years of experience in the country and abroad;
  • established ties with customs offices throughout the continent;
  • a staff of professional logisticians, experienced drivers and freight forwarders;
  • round-the-clock control of the location of goods;
  • affordable prices for services;

High level of service during transportation. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities.

Our car fleet

Providing logistics services, Navigator-TS uses the capabilities of its own vehicle fleet.

It includes:

  • low loader trawls for the delivery of oversized cargo;
  • isotherms and refrigerators;
  • trucks with open and awning bodies with a carrying capacity of 5 to 20 tons;
  • tilt cars with a carrying capacity of 20t

Organization of delivery via trucks

Organization of delivery via trucks involves the passage of several stages/steps:

Acceptance of an application for dispatching of goods.
Shoosing of the optimal delivery sheame.
agreement and confirmation with the customer.
Calculation of the cost of all services in accordance to the agreed sheame of delivery.
Issuing the Invoice for the payment by the customer.
Signing of the contract of carriage and payment of the invoice by the consignor.
Signing contracts for additional services (insurance, escort, etc.).
Loading of goods.

Delivery of goods and materials to the destination in accordance with the terms of the contract. In the course of delivery goods, the client can be provided with services to inform about the actual location and condition of the shipment goods.

Receiving cargo

The company Navigator-TS provides delivery via trucks in Russia and Europe, both to the terminal in the city of destination and directly to the final consignee address.

To receive the goods at the place of destination, you must represent confirming documents the authority and identity of the recipient.

For individuals, this is a passport, the data of which coincides with the information in the application and the invoice.

Representatives of a legal entity must have a power of attorney and identity documents in their hands. They are required to confirm the receipt of the goods by signing and stamping on the waybill.

Advantages of trucking

The main advantages of delivering goods by road are cost-effectiveness, mobility and independence from the availability of railway/sea infrastructure.

Among the advantages, the following opportunities should be highlighted:

  • delivery of transport directly from the place of loading/shipment and unloading door-to-door services;
  • the ability to fulfill urgent orders;
  • to ensure high speed delivery, especially when moving over short distances;
  • preparation special individual sheame of delivery in real time;
  • Choosing the optimal vehicle depending on the customer's needs;
  • development of individual routes;

Possibility of additional loading or unloading along the route of the vehicle. What is included in the services of road transport delivery of goods? Our company Navigator-TS can provides any professional assistance in the logistics in Russia and Europe.

We provide:

  • we will find the optimal and what is main not expensive sheame of delivery;
  • we will shoose suitable vehicle/truck based on the kind of product, its parameters and the necessary time delivery conditions;
  • we will help with the preparation and issuing of accompanying shipment documentation;
  • we will deliver "from door to door";
  • we advise on the passage of customs clearence procedures;
  • we will make cargo insurance;
  • we will provide escort and protection of goods in a way;
  • we will inform you about the actual situation of your material during all the wayt;
  • we will provide responsible storage of the truck in our warehouses;
  • we will solve every issue with the organization of loading and unloading operations;

We are working with all types of transport, therefore, if necessary, we will offer you the optimal scheme of "direct" and multimodal delivery using various trucks.

Accompanying documents

The composition of the package of documentations for dispatching goods may vary depending on their type, route and other factors. It is can be specify in each case. It should be issue in accordance to the special requirements are imposed on the preparation of documents for international transportation/delivery.

The standard package of the shipment documents contains:

  • shipping list;
  • invoice;
  • certificates of quality and conformity for transportation.

The list must be specified when agreeing on the nuances of transportation.


Any transportation, including road transportation of goods in Russia and abroad, regardless of the status and experience of the transport company, is associated with a certain risk (weather conditions, road accidents, etc.). Insurance allows you to minimize damage and compensate for losses in the event of any unforeseen situations.

Navigator recommends its customers to pay due attention to road transportation insurance and not try to save money on it, especially when it comes to transporting expensive products.

Rates for road transportation

The cost of road transport of goods in Russia and Europe is much lower than delivery by air and even by rail.

Moreover, the price depends on factors such as:

  • type of goods and materials and their parameters;
  • type of vehicle;
  • route; distance between points of loading and unloading; the amount of fuel costs;
  • the size of the driver's salary;
  • the cost of repair and maintenance of vehicles;
  • the quality of the pavement and the condition of the roadway along the route;
  • provision of additional services as part of the delivery of goods;
  • urgency of order execution;
  • type of transportation (multimodal, consolidated, conventional);
  • way of loading the machine;
  • labor intensity of loading and unloading operations;
  • the need for vehicles to arrive at other addresses for additional loading; insurance;
  • escort and security;
  • possibility of reverse loading;
  • body curtain;
  • packing and sealing of goods;
  • the need to provide additional services.

Increasing coefficients are used to calculate the cost of road transportation for oversized and heavy products in Russia.

Requirements for packaging of goods for road transport

The quality of the packaging directly affects the safety of the goods, so Navigator makes special demands on it.

Packaging should:

  • comply with quality standards and provide protection of cargo from damage, damage and loss at the stages of loading and unloading, transportation and storage;
  • restrict access to products by unauthorized persons;
  • correspond to the type of product and its properties;
  • take into account the delivery method and the type of vehicle.